Vision & Values

Vision (Creating a “Constancy of Purpose”)

Build upon the “unique” classification of its patented technology for segregated regeneration ion exchange to become the bench-mark against which all other products are measured.

Create a compelling reason for customers to choose Ionex SG based on robust, reliable and repeatable products offering exceptional OPEX benefits delivered with flawless quality, exceeding lead-time expectations for new equipment and replacement parts while delivering to our promises.

Provide unparalleled cooperation with engineering contractors in delivering the full well solution, so that Ionex SG is the product provider of choice for customers and contractors alike. World-class flexibility and transparency enabling our customers to manage their programmes with confidence while optimising the supply chain and maximising stake-holder value.

Create an exceptional working environment where our staff and contactors will go the extra mile. Embody the principle that our people are the source of strength for our organisation. Treat everyone with respect and embrace diversity for the balanced perspective it brings. Always do the right thing.

Values (principles by which we work)

1  Reliability, robustness and reproducibility

2  Innovate products, systems and processes

3  Listen, care and serve all our stakeholders

4  Respect everyone and act with humility

5  Develop skills and empower

6  Integrity, trust and openness

7  Continuously improve and increase precision



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