Research Edge

When we speak of our “Research Edge”, it’s in three contexts.

The first relates to our ion exchange treatment solution. It’s the product of extensive research in the fields of chemistry, fluid dynamics and waste reduction, as well as the deep research our experts bring from the worlds of semiconductor manufacturing, and nuclear engineering. This collective research has enabled us to revolutionize a default water treatment solution and equip it for 21st century water treatment priorities. Our customers tell us that a 21st century solution means one that generates minimal waste, while operating with the highest efficiencies and at the lowest possible cost. Naturally, we took our cue from them when we developed our IX systems.

Our “Research Edge” also applies to the spirit we bring to every single installation. We’re keenly aware that installing a new treatment system or upgrading an existing installation represents a substantial investment for communities of any size. Also treatment requirements differ from community to community and even for individual wells within a community where contaminants may differ from well to well. That’s why we collaborate very closely from the earliest stage of our engagements to help our customers find the optimum solution for their particular needs. This means applying our research expertise and putting our best technologists on the job in partnership with our customers, right up to installation, and beyond.

We also take this “Research Edge” into the field establishing pilot plants in the UK and the US. These plants have been provided to small well installations free of charge with the well owners contributing to the operational costs. The “supported pilot plant” programme was designed to provide safe drinking water to communities that would not have afforded the equipment, while providing the opportunity for regulators to see the Ionex SG technology in action. Based on these installations the UK DWI granted Reg 31 approval for the use of Ionex SG equipment in public water supply. The California State Water Resources Board have accepted the Ionex SG treatment plant with conditional sulfate return process.

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