To deliver our vision of robust and reliable products Ionex SG have invested in manufacturing capabilities. Our strategy is to regionalize our supply chain to ensure local standards are achieved and logistic distances are minimized.

Designing our products to be manufactured on regional supply chains is an indication of our design-for-manufacture ethos. This means that, except for a few critical components, our designs are produced to support the markets they will serve resulting in improvements in product life-cycle costs.

The philosophy is to complete final assembly and configuration of products to meet the customers’ needs while maintaining a specialist supply network to produce the components and assemblies we need. Seasoned professionals lead our manufacturing teams and bring a wealth of experience of lean manufacturing and supply chain excellence. Effective management systems are at the heart of our organisation and we have adopted Shingo principles and are accredited to ISO9001.

Our approach is designed to minimize lead-times, ensure quality at source and provide fully tested modules from our facilities that arrive on-site ready for installation and commissioning.

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