Ionex SG

Ionex SG is the environmental engineering business of UK-based Severn Glocon Group. We research, design and develop technologies and products to remove harmful contaminants, such as nitrates and chromium-6, from drinking water. We are headquartered in the UK and are accredited to ISO9001. We also operate and manufacture in the US as Ionex SG LLC headquartered in Davis, California.

Our products are based on a common platform that incorporates advanced ion exchange with a proprietary waste-treatment technology to offer customers a complete and highly efficient treatment solution for nitrate and chromium 6 abatement that produces low waste.

The innovation found in our products provides environmental and economic advantages to water utilities companies and water districts of all sizes. Our commitment to the market has included running supported pilot systems in the UK and the US, where communities have benefited and regulators have been able to see our technology in action. Through this mechanism Ionex SG has achieved DWI Reg 31 listing in the UK and DWR acceptance in the US.


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